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Our Concepts

Long back when Liberalization and Privatization took roots across the country, India proved its mettleand prowess in being at the forefront of Economic Development. Today, it’s embracing the facets of Medical Tourism and playing a pivotal role in making lives and livelihoods better. However, there are some areas left untouched and some words left unsaid.

We are here to speak for the nation and touch the pain points alongside driving growth for the population. This growth will perfectly exemplify distributed and connected growth thereby, reducing the rate of unemployment.

Having access to food, road, and other facilities, we forget that the pathway to comprehensive growth is 'Access to Equality' that signifies ‘Everyone should be Accessible to Everything’. Acknowledging Education and Health as the host of Creativity and Productivity, we stand firm in makingthese imperatives affordable and accessible to all. This is the only way we can move forward and reach the epitome of economic growth.

Taking a deeper dive into dark waters of past, present, and future, VHASPETH SOCIAL FOUNDATION is committed to focus onRe-Inventing, Re-Imagining, Re-Discovering, and Re-Thinking India. We are focusing on planting the trees of innovation which will yield the fruits of development in the coming times.

Combining shortage and aspiration, we will put our best foot forward in Public Policy Innovation and contribute towards empowering India. Living by National Mission for Literacy, we will join our hands with people across different sectors and work for the betterment of the country. Interlinking Indian minds, we are on our way to weave a web of ideas that would define the true essence of innovation and evolution.

We are here to show the world that “Growth can be achieved with minimal resources if you have power and mind in your pocket”. From Uber, Alibaba, Amazon to Netflix, Paytm, and other business giants everyone has fascinated the world with their novel business models. But the biggest question arises that are these models bringing in change?

Change is the need of the hour and we are consistently striving to embrace the same. Today, VHASPETH SOCIAL FOUNDATION is on a mission to make a Difference, we leave no stone unturned in helping the masses to rise from the ashes. Collating data from various industry sectors, we have the potential to create a lasting impact with our unique imperatives. Our innovative models will bring the achievements of people across different categories on a sole platform and pass on better earth for Gen Z.

Standing tall as the ‘stakeholders of change’, we intend to build Idea banks and Concept banks that would transform the face of society like never before.

Optimistic India - Mind India - One India