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Green Fund

"We cannot command Nature except by obeying her"

- Francis Bacon, English Philosopher & Statesman

The sooner we realize that Mother Nature is the biggest gift for mankind, the sooner we might stop hurting her. Awareness and Acceptance are how we aim to work for the betterment of our environment. It's time we acknowledge our mistakes and take collective measures to revive the green belt and empower the people with the right resources to save the environment.

The novel thought of the Green Fund was conceptualized during the College days itself. As most of the friends belonged to the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions, the burning issues like droughtand farmer suicides were like a needle that pierced the souls every time. With limited resources, a small initiative was taken to contribute Rs. 10/month. Determined to make a social impact, the initiative was appreciated and new members kept on joining.

Later, people started contributing higher denominations and that's when the core Team realized to put a check-point. To ensure absolute accountability and transparency, the monthly contribution was fixed at Rs. 10 only. Today, with over 54,600 members contributing Rs.10 every month, this small initiative taken years ago has shaped up to cater to the environmental issues in the region.

Alongside initiating various activities, the purpose of VHASPETH SOCIAL FOUNDATION is to create awareness amongst the people. They should understand how climate and adverse climatic conditions impact the harvests at the farm. It's NOW or NEVER -let's unite to protect our environment so that our future generations can live a better life.