2. Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard is the central panel where all the major information displayed in artistic way. See the screenshot below describe about dashboard in details


The standard dashboard is displaying following major insights

1. Order

This element will display the count of Live Orders Vs. Total Order

2. Total

This element will display the count of Total Orders Vs. Total Amount

3. Disbursements

This element will display the count of disbursements pending for Orders Vs. Pending Payment

4. Monthly Statistics

This element will display the current month`s entire summary automatically which includes:

  1. Number of total orders made
  2. Number of total sale made
  3. Number of total amount in disbursement pending

5.Highest Selling Products

  1. This element will display the highest selling product for the current month
  2. By clicking on product names admin can view more details

6. Disbursements

  1. Whenever the inventory stock of any product goes below 6 products, then this panel will display the details about those products.
  2. An automated email alert will also be sent to the admin & seller reporting about low stock alerts.